About US

Jikel’s vision is to provide parents with the products needed to help raise their newborn. Established in 2018, Jikel offers parents with outdoor products such strollers and car seats, and indoor products like swings, cribs, highchair etc... All of the products offered by Jikel have been chosen with 4 main objectives in mind, SAFETY, AESTETHICS, FEATURES, and VALUE.


SAFETY – all of the products have been certified with European Union Safety Standards for children, such as EN 1888 and ECE R44/04.

AESTETHICS – every single product has been designed with the best possible quality, and fabrics have been chosen to ensure an optimum outcome.

FEATURES – main object behind the Jikel brand is to be provide parents with multi-purpose products, products which have many features. This eliminates the excess cost for parents, and ensures a more sustainable manufacturing process.

VALUE – another philosophy behind Jikel is to present parents with cost-effective products.

With the 4 objectives, Jikel tries to make a parenthood journey just a little bit easier